KlipX KFS-600 Speaker Set of 2 Wireless-BT with Remote Control-USB-3.

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If you are looking for a system capable of producing clear room-filling sound with a built-in amplifier and a lively display of multicolor LED light the floor standing speaker system KFS-600 from Klip Xtreme be the first one on your list. This two-piece sound system features a stylish and a smart cabinet design and is capable of blasting up to 2800 watts of maximum power output through four full range subwoofers and four tweeters. It is equipped with a digital LCD display with command control, a wireless microphone and a remote to exercise complete control over your music and take your audio experience to the next level.

  • 2800W of PMPO through four 5.25in subwoofers and four 2.5in tweeters
  • USB and two 3.5mm auxiliary inputs seamlessly integrate multiple audio sources
  • Pairs easily with any Bluetooth®-enabled devices
  • Adjustable LED lights with multiple illumination modes to choose from
  • Front control panel in the main speaker
  • Digital LCD display and convenient remote to control the system
  • Includes a high quality wireless microphone and two additional ¼ in ports for wired microphones
  • Radio tuner