Primus Wired Gaming Headset Arcus150T/ USB 7.1 PHS-15


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  • 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound specifically designed for the serious gamers; this feature brings to life even the slightest details of adrenaline loaded journeys
  • Delivers the sound of epic struggles and in-game audio for a more engaging and immersive virtual experience
  • Easily picks up your voice so you can focus on staying on top of the game at all times
  • Auto-adjustable headband and soft-cushioned leatherette ear pads ensure a customized fit
  • Headset with red LED on earcups make you stand out as a serious opponent.
  • The vibration mode not only creates a more realistic atmosphere, but also adds intensity to every bit of action
  • Designed to intensify sound effects for a more immersive gaming experience and an enhanced virtual reality that makes every journey unique
  • The gaming software allows you to configure the headset through a single user-friendly application